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Why use a debt collection agency instead of accounts receivables staff or a solicitor?

To put it simply, this is what we do! We do debt recovery, day in and day out! We know what works and we know what is going to get you your money back in the quickest time frame possible.

Leave it to the professionals to recover your money for you or your business. We will save you time and money compared to having an accounts receivables member getting paid at an hourly rate,perhaps wasting unnecessary time.Solicitors are expensive and to justify their expense will usually only send one letter at time, at a charge of course. They do not have the time to continually follow up your debtors and may prove more costly than the debt itself.

How much will it cost to collect my debts?

Safeguard Collection Services proudly has no subscription, membership or annual fees. We simply have a small upfront Instruction fee with commission only payable (as per our fixed scale) once we recover the debt. I.e.;we don’t get paid unless you do – What a great incentive for quick successful debt collection and extremely low risk option. Please refer to our costing page for exact pricing: http://www.safeguardcs.com.au/costing/

Will collection costs be passed onto my debtor to pay?

Yes, as long as there is a clause on your supporting documentation (Contracts, Quotations) advising that you can do so.

Should you not have a clause within your terms of trade at this time, we will do what we can to recover interest for you. However, this can’t be guaranteed.

Please contact our office should you require some suggested wording on your documents.

When should I refer my overdue accounts?

Once an account falls outside your payment terms and depending on your internal systems, it is completely at your discretion as to when you wish to refer an account to a mercantile agency. We have found we have a much greater success in recovering accounts that are swiftly handed over to our office upon defaulting and it decreases the chance of the debt chewing into your own profit margins.

Will referring a debt to a Mercantile agency affect my debtors credit rating?

Mercantile or Debt Collection Agencies do not have the jurisdiction to effect a person’s credit rating initially. However should legal action be taken, the debtors credit file will be affected upon entering Judgment against them.

What is Safeguard Collection Services success rate?

It is extremely difficult to honestly provide an exact percentage. As we collect for a number of individuals and business’ there is many different variables in each and every single account we receive. It can depend on the age of an account, the amount of a debt, the industry the debt was incurred in, if the debtor is missing or skipped or even if the debt is disputed,etc. etc. What we can say is that we aim for 100% recovery! Any agency that claims they can provide you with an exact success rate is unfortunately being deceitful.

What is the process?

Once instructions are received from you to proceed,you will receive a confirmation email from us, providing you with account details.

Your debtor will be contacted within 24 hours and recovery action will commence from there. Should we require any further information throughout the collection process, the collector will contact you directly either via email or phone. Should you require an update on your debt at any time, you are very welcome to make contact via email with our office, or the collector directly.

Rest assured we have no auto generating letters or emails,it is a personal touch each and every time.

How long will you attempt to recover my debt?

Your Instruction fee covers endless hours, phone calls, correspondence both written and phone. There is no exact time frame however, our aim is to have your debt recovered within the quickest possible time frame to benefit all involved.

What information should I provide when referring a debt?

Along with our completed Instruction form (online) we require any relevant supporting documentation i.e. Invoices, Statements, Quotes, Approvals, Contracts, Lease agreements, Tenant ledgers, most recent court documentation etc.

How do I lodge my debt with you?

Ready to get started? Kindly refer to our Instruction form page and complete the document as best you can. *Remember to attached your supporting documentation.

Lodge a Debt

Have any further questions? Please complete an Enquiryform to speak with a member of our officetoday.
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