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Competitive Pricing

No membership, joining or subscription fees. Only a small Instruction Fee and Commission (on successful recovery) only – a very LOW RISK debt recovery option.
1) INSTRUCTION FEES:- Payable at time of submitting debt to Safeguard:
Instruction Fee for the FIRST debt
you refer to Safeguard Collection Services:- $55.00 (incl GST) ** Subject to CPI
Thereafter; per debt referred:- $22.00 (incl GST) ** Subject to CPI
“For individuals with a One-off account that is not straight out goods sold and delivered or services rendered, please contact our office directly for a set Instruction fee quote.”
**** If your debtor is a “missing/skip” do not worry. Safeguard invests in various search engines to assist us with the recovery of debtors. As these search engines have become very costly, Safeguard has no option but to charge a fee for the time and expenses related to these searches. We have made every effort to keep the expense at a minimum. SAFEGUARD SEARCH FEE: $110.00 (incl GST) – Basic skip search or $330 (incl GST) – Premium skip search (Including Private Investigator).
*****10 % GST WILL APPLY****
25% on PAYMENTS $0.00 to $350.00
20% on PAYMENTS $351.00 to $5000.00
15% on PAYMENTS OVER $5000.00
**** Remember, We will also seek to recover the instruction and commission charges from your debtor (we can assist you with wording on your invoicing and/or contracts).
**** SAFEGUARD has made available –CREDIT APPLICATIONS – to incorporate in your business at an extremely competitive rate – should you have the need.
$220 (single page document)
Includes Credit Application, Terms & Conditions and Personal Guarantee (short but effective)
$330 (5 page document) 
Incorporates Privacy Authorisations, Terms & Conditions (incl Retention of Titles, Jurisdiction, Trusts, etc) a full page just for the Deed of Guarantee & Indemnity and of course, Credit Application.
Legal Procedures:-.
Legal proceedings will be treated as a last resort unless original instructions require otherwise.
A full report of the account will be provided upon suggestion of legal action.
Charges will be advised in writing before the procedure is taken.
In-house process serving for efficiency and to allow costs to be kept at a minimum.
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